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Kawayu's Goods Information!!

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Kawayu''s Goods Information!!

Mesaj Scris de Anabelle Black la data de Vin Mai 15, 2009 1:26 pm

Kawayu's Goods Information!!


At the live at Tokyo Big Sight on coming Sunday, An Cafe’s member-designed goods are going to be sold!!
For overseas fans, here are the explanations from the members!!

I made an original perfume. I went to the factory to make it.
Believe it or not you chose from 1 million fragrances to make one perfume.
I picked vanilla and coconut, based on my image of girls.
I spent lots of time on this; it’s really Miku’s blend!
The bottle is moon shaped and a rabbit pendant attached.
I produced the bottle as well.
The basic ingredients are imported from France
comparing to the efforts it’s really cheap that this is 3900 yen.
The other one is the original bag.
It’s a really cute white bag with pink lines. It can be used as a cosmetic porch as well.

I made cell-phone charms.
There’s a secret in the guitar pick charm.
Well that’s a surprise until the concert!!!!!!

I made something that I would want to put on.
Pierce. I made two types, a golden star with NYAPPY mark,
and a skull shaped one with NYAPPY mark.
The price is inexpensive, but I tried not to make it look cheap.

I made a dental kit.
The toothbrush is made of black and gray modern color.
I would be happy if you would bring this to my concerts (laughs).
I wrote “Egao de Haming” on the top of the toothbrush case.
I invented the word from “Hamigaki” (brushing teeth) and
“Humming” (the Japanese famous detergent).
But, it’s actually a word from my favorite animation song.

I made an accessory tray. Its shape is a rounded star.
There is a skull printed on the bottom and the eye of the scar is
made out of rhinestone. That’s a huge point.

And there are more other special goods, like,
T-Shirt, BondS KIZUNA towel [FINALE OF NYAPPY ver.],
Member’s photo card (another version of previous artist photos).
Check out the website below;

And, the goods will be sold through An Cafe’s official web after the concert!
Of course, they are available for overseas fans, too. Check them out!!
(*SORRY if any of the items are sold out already at the concert!!!)

Red Cafe Staff


Anabelle Black

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Re: Kawayu's Goods Information!!

Mesaj Scris de Sayuri la data de Joi Iun 25, 2009 3:16 pm

OmG cocos ...shi vanilie ... ador combinatzia asta ...m-am uitat acum mai moolt timp ..shi toate se vanduse ... oricum... mi se pare geniala idea cu parfumul ...dak nush cu ce parfum sa te dai ... incearca-l pe cel facut de Miku


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Re: Kawayu's Goods Information!!

Mesaj Scris de Jessy la data de Mier Iul 29, 2009 11:33 am

oooo daaa

cocos si vanilie...ce-a mai buna combinatie

las ca face Sayuri un parfum cocos chanel nop?

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Re: Kawayu's Goods Information!!

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