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Dear cafekko,
Welcome to AnCafe アンティック-珈琲店- world!
Let's say NYAPPY! o(≧∀≦)o

To the Cafe-ko's of the world (from AnCafe members)

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To the Cafe-ko's of the world (from AnCafe members)

Mesaj Scris de Anabelle Black la data de Joi Apr 23, 2009 6:03 pm

The long world tour has successfully ended!
The band is back safely in Japan and has a message to all the Cafe-ko's in the world.

Nyappy o(≧∀≦)o It's miku. Thanks to everyone, we were able to successfully complete
the month long world tour.
Before we left, I thought this was gonna be a long tour but looking back at it, it was so fast.
Towards the end I even started to think "I wanna stay overseas longer and sing more".
After going on the world tour, it's made me appreciate the Cafe-ko's even more.
We received so much love from the Cafe-ko's overseas.
Since we don't speak the same language, I thought it would be hard to feel your love.
But I was totally wrong.
Every Cafe-ko was so pure that we felt the love directly from each of you.
At the venue's, when I faced the mic towards you, you'd all sing in Japanese, and
you even knew the moves and you'd call out my name in a voice full of energy.
To be honest, I didn't think I would be this moved.
I didn't think there would be so many Cafe-ko's waiting for us.
I'm really glad we did this overseas tour.
"NYAPPY" is a word that I randomly came up with but it's a word that connects us with
the Cafe-ko's of the world. I'd like to think the word was fate and not just a coincidence.
And this nyappy world, AnCafe will continue to protect it.
Just want to say thank you to the staff that helped us complete this fulfilling world tour and
to all the Cafe-ko's...Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"Arigato o(≧∀≦)o"

It's takuya.
The month long tour ended successfully.
It was really long but it was the best time of my life.
Going to so many different cities and meeting so many Cafe-ko's, local people, and the staff that
helped with the tour...
it was so much fun interacting with all the people.
If we ever go on tour again, I'd like to go to cities we couldn't go to this time and do a bigger concert.
Thank you to everyone that came to our concert.
Let's meet again!

To know that there are so many Cafe-ko's all over the world waiting for us,
made me happier than ever.
If I close my eyes and reminisce, I can't explain it in words but I am overwhelmed.
I might even start to cry just thinking about it.
I don't know why. But I do know that I love all the Cafe-ko's to death.
I'm so glad I was born on this planet (LOL)

(・ω・)/ It's yu-ki.
NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLDⅡ has successfully ended (..∀`*)
Before the tour started, I was a little worried to be away from Japan for a whole month (-ω-;)

But once the tour started, I would think "How many days has it been??" and feel like time was going really slowly,
but as the end was getting close, I was getting sadder and sadder.

The last concert... I was looking into the audience from the stage and was actually getting very sad.
I think we were able to do everything we wanted to at the last concert.

On this tour, there were a lot of new countries we went to,
Are there gonna be any Cafe-ko's waiting for us?
I wonder how much everyone likes us?
Are the kind of worries I had but at each show I would hear everyone cheer for us and totally felt the love.
Thank you.

For all the Cafe-ko's overseas that are waiting for us,
I hope we can meet you at the next world tour!!
Wait for us, ok ★

12 countries, 17 shows, the 2nd world tour was a very rewarding one.

This is the 2nd time since our last Europe tour (last year).
Some cities had bigger venue capacity than last time but tickets were sold out immediately,
and some venues were the same as last time, it was different depending on the country.
But the changes were definitely made with the feedback from the last tour.
Thinking that the last tour was reflected this time, made me feel very postive.
Cause it made me realize that "if we do a good performance more people will come see the show".
Until then I only thought that "in Europe the visual-kei was a temporary boom"
and was kinda negative thinking "even if we worked hard I thought it wouldn't last".
Compared to last time, this tour really made me feel like we are connecting to the next stage, so
I'm totally excited about the next tour ☆

As for South America, it was full of surprises.
Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico.
I went to each venue in the morning and was always surprised.
The venues were all huge that I thought "Is this Tokyo?".
The complete opposite side...This is the farthest we can go but the atmosphere
was the same as Tokyo.
It was really weird. Our CD isn't even released. It was really thrilling.

And letters from fans like "I've been waiting forever for this day to come" was
also very exciting.
For us, one show may be just one show out of the several we do during the tour, but for the fans it's THE ONE important show.
So makes me realize that we have to give it our all for every single show.
During this tour, I was always able to maintain high motivation.

And North America. I felt like we still have a lot of ground breaking to do in the US.
It wasn't as powerful as Europe and South America.
But I really feel we were able to put on a good performance for each and everyone that came.
That was the good part about this tour.

We're hoping to put up the letters and banners we received from you guys at the show in BIG SITE ☆

◆Manager (Junior)◆
I realized that the word "NYAPPY o(≧∀≦)o" has an unlimited amount of chances.

Cafe-ko's of different nationality, different climates, different lifestyles exist
and we all become one with the word "NYAPPY o(≧∀≦)o".
I don't think you can find such a happy word anywhere else.

I'm so grateful to AnCafe who created this word and
the Cafe-ko's of the world that help AnCafe
to create these wonderful moments.

I'm sure this tour has become a wonderful memory
for all the Cafe-ko's, AnCafe members and staffs.

Looking forward to the day we can
have fun together again.

'Til then Byenyappy o(≧∀≦)o


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